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Concert Truck

A unique initiative at the 2021 Piano Festival is Piano X. This initiative aims to explore and showcase new voices, new formats, and the new direction the piano can take as a solo and collaborative instrument in today's live music scene. Piano X will be headlined by The Concert Truck, founded by Nick Luby and SEPF alumna Susan Zhang, who will perform an evening recital on Monday, June 15 at the Columbia Museum of Art. The initiative will also include a virtual recital by Leo Svirsky and Reinier van Houdt.

The ‘X’ in Piano X stands for ‘unknown factor”, the elusive “it” in the art of performance, and it also stands for exploration, experimentation, and excitement. The festival is eager to showcase and support those who find new paths or see the familiar through a different lens.

Piano X Presents: Leo Svirsky and Reinier van Houdt

Monday, June 14, 2021
4:30 PM – Livestream only


Leo Svirsky and Reinier van Houdt

Showcase featuring innovative pianists LEO SVIRSKY and REINIER VAN HOUDT. This virtual concert premieres exciting new works for solo piano and two pianos, including a full-length premiere of River Without Banks by Leo Svirsky, for two pianos.


Monday, June 14, 2021
Columbia Museum of Art Boyd Plaza


The Concert Truck

Piano recital reimagined, featuring the innovative piano duo and Concert Truck founders SUSAN ZHANG and NICK LUBY.

PianoX Workshop

Concert Truck

PianoX workshop aims to explore innovating and interdisciplinary formats for live concerts. Pre-festival preparation and coaching sessions during the festival lead to a participant-led showcase concert during the festival week. Be open to incorporating different art forms and improv techniques to create your own brand of live music making.

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